Phone:03 3772 7707
Fax: 03 6429 8207
Mobile: 090 3683 7707
Out of Japan*: 1-212-561-59-69 Current time in Tokyo.

Address: 1-25-18, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0023, JAPAN
山王1-25-18, 大田区, 東京都 143-0023, Japan

Located near Omori station, on the JR Keihin-Tohoku line running through Tokyo and Shinagawa Stations.

Directions from Omori Station to Chabad Tokyo.

When you exit the west exit, turn Right.
Cross the street to the other side.
On the other side, you will see a big building, with a big sign, PIA Pachinko.
Pass the Pachinko, continue walking straight.
Pass a blue, Mizuho Bank; continue straight, until you reach the corner.
You will see a S. Marc Cafe- (CHOCO CRO) coffee shop, on the corner.
At the corner, make a left, and walk straight, along the street, until you reach a small street. (If you see ahead of you a light green crossing bridge, then you are on track.) Do not go past the bridge.
At the small street, cross to the other side of the main street, and keep walking straight ahead.
You will see the Sanno Elementary school and playground. (in Japanese Sanno Shogako)
Walk along the playground gate, and continue walking straight for 2 minutes, along this street, until you reach a  left turn (you will see Yamada Dentist Clinic), then turn left. Walk about 20 meters (you will see a Sushi bar on your left) and walk another 30 meters and on the right side you will see a small blue metal gate, open and walk through the path. The last house is Chabad Tokyo.

The walk from the station should take around 10 minutes.